[Coming Soon] AdventureWorks Sales Dashboard

 · 1 min · Ahmed Oyeleke

Dashboard created as part of requirements for the Capstone Project in my SAIT Business Intelligence Program

Data Dashboard

The data used here is a modified version of the MS AdventureWorks dataset.

Some key steps

  • Import data for all regions (USA, Australia, England, France, Germany, Canada)
  • Modify columns
  • Append Queries
  • Some merges to eliminate redundant dimension tables
  • Date table created, data trimmed, relationships created

Group Members
My project group comprised of these invividuals:

Interactive Dashboard

This dashboard includes features that prevent me from being able to embed it publicly such as Row-Level Security and the Q&A feature for data exploration (These are Microsoft Limitations). When the dashboard is completed, I will record a video of the various compenents and features and embed the video here. Interested parties can visit this link to see more details about the project such as the charter, plan, goals and objectives, as well as details of the requirement gathering process.