Historical Global Causes of Death [1990-2019]

 · 1 min · Ahmed Oyeleke and 4 others

A dashboard created to visualise data on causes of death from around the world from 1990 to 2019

Data Dashboard

Data was sourced from Kaggle and imported into PowerBI.

Some key steps

  • Power Query: Unpivot the cause columns
  • Power Query: Create Dimension Table for categories (Cause Categories on the dashboard)
  • Power Query: Create Dimension Table for Regions and Income Group
  • Assign Foreign Key of Country Code in Dimension Table containing Region and Income Level data
  • Assign Foreign Key of Cause in Dimension Table for Categories
  • Create mesaures for total death by Categories and Income Groups

Future Plans

  • Add a second page for country-specific visualisations and comparisons

Group Members
My project group comprised of these invividuals:

Interactive Dashboard

The interactive report can be used below. If you face any issues with using it the embedded report below, it can be viewed externally at this link. Content is best consumed on desktop.